About Us

  • We have been educating children at Progress Tuition Centre for over twenty years. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere that engages each child to work to their full potential.

    We provide tuition for children of all ages and abilities from Year 2 up to Year 11.

    • Individual attention in a small class setting
    • Support with school homework
    • Exam style question practice
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Pupils are praised for their achievements
    • We actively encourage pupils to ask questions
  • Let us help your child to succeed!

    Our approach is APT for your child's future:

  • Action Assessment (click to expand)

    We provide your child with a full Progress Tuition Centre action assessment to evaluate where help may be needed.

    The assessments we provide depend on which subjects your child finds difficult. Assessments can cover Mathematics, English, Reading and Spelling or a combination of any of these elements. The tests are selected depending on your child’s age.

    An 11+ assessment will look at Mathematics and English, as well as Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning if required.

    In general, assessments take from one to two hours to complete and are designed to test the learner’s ability and standards of achievement. Each of the Progress Tuition Centre’s action assessments are linked to the National Curriculum.

    We will book a session with parents or guardians and your child to show them the results of the assessment and explain how the child’s results are linked to the national curriculum. At this stage parents can ask any questions to ensure complete peace of mind.

    It is the results of these initial assessments that are fed into the personalised learning plan.

    Progress Tuition Centre Learning Plan (click to expand)

    The Progress Tuition Centre Personalised Learning plan helps our tutors to determine what work the child requires.
    The lessons are prepared to enable the learner to move forward in small, manageable steps. With this method of teaching, a pupil sees results quickly, hence building confidence and creating enthusiasm to progress.
    The lessons aim to eliminate possible weak areas while enhancing natural talent, creating enthusiasm for learning and building children’s confidence. Each individual works to his or her schedule and is therefore not competing with others. Children can also bring along problems which they may be having with set homework from school. This provides them with immediate solutions. If required, these topics will be taught in more detail in order to improve their confidence in their school life.

    Teach to achieve success (click to expand)

    We have a firm belief in praising a pupil’s work – this builds confidence and changes the child’s attitude to learning and studying.
    Our method to success ensures children reach their full potential and gain confidence, in turn providing parents with valuable peace of mind. Because the action assessment provides a unique action plan for each pupil, his or her progress is dictated by his or her ability. Your child’s individual action plan is not affected by the group or any strict teaching agenda, thereby allowing children to work at their own pace and achieve realistic goals.

    • We are passionate about teaching.

      We are a team of experienced tutors that are committed to helping your child achieve their full potential.

      The team is headed by a fully qualified teacher with more than 35 years of teaching experience in schools. Our teaching plans are uniquely customised to each child’s needs.

    • We see your child as an individual.

      We are dedicated to teaching to an extremely high standard, but we also believe in addressing your child’s concerns.

      We conduct our classes in a safe and friendly environment. Our aim is to provide as much individual attention as possible, thereby enabling your child to unlock their true potential. By using praise and encouragement, we ensure each pupil becomes a confident learner.

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